Use of Blockchain

We have two quite different use cases for tokens. One can be exchanged publicly (Vreo) and holds what we like to call a “Proof of merit”. The other one is used by our platforms customers (VIT) to ensure our unique and worlds first in-game advertising solution can be made as transparent as possible.

We make each view of an advertisement a unique transaction, therefore anyone issuing, placing or actually viewing an advertisement will perform transactions. This ensures the utmost open and transparent level of economic interaction imaginable, today.

What we need from a fitting blockchain: high throughput, information/transactions can be made opaque, conformity with jurisdictions, pegging the platform token to FIAT currency (creating a stablecoin).

For this, we have long researched the market to distinguish which technology fits best. Due to promising projects releasing updates in late spring/early summer and us being blockchain agnostics, we will monitor ongoing market developments and especially the process of these projects before a final decision is made: EOS and Cardano, but also new developments as DAG (IOTA) and Hashgraph.

Payment through crypto currencies can both fasten and cheapen international payment, helping to solve the problems with ad revenue payout currently existing in the industry. By letting gamers participate in the ad cycle through digital profiles that are granting self-determined control, we strive to consolidate brands, developers, and gamers with mechanisms that ensure a fair distribution of advertising benefits.

Token sale details

Token issuer Shaping Games AG
Short/Ticker name Vreo
Total Vreo tokens 700,000,000
Vreo Tokens reserved for the VIT Token Sale Bounty program 50,000,000 (with 0 years vesting period)
Vreo Tokens to be sold via the Token sale 450,000,000
Type ERC20 of Ethereum blockchain
Vreo Tokens to be provided to the advisors 58,000,000 (with 0 years vesting period)
Accepted cryptocurrency Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC)
Vreo Tokens reserved for the Vreo legal entity 57,000,000 (60% of this will have a vesting period of 2 years and remaining 40% will have no vesting period)
AML/KYC requirement to participate in the Token sale Yes
Vreo Tokens reserved for the Vreo Team members 85,000,000 (with a vesting period of 1 year)
Price per Vreo $0.05 (equivalent price in Ether will be updated within 24 hours before the Token sale)
Token Sale
Price per Vreo Tokens (Token sale) for 390,000,000
$0.05 (equivalent price in Ether will be updated within 24 hours before the Token sale)
Hard cap on the Token Sale