Market Overview

The gaming market has surpassed the music and film market in 2017. It consists of around 2 billion gamers worldwide that spend over 3 billion hours per week with gaming

Although the overall games market is booming, funding options for games developers remain scarce. Crowd funding took a major hit in 2016, going down at Kickstarter from 41 to 17 million dollars pledged.

The gaming industry achieved an annual revenue of around 100 billion dollars in 2017 while growing with up to double-digit percentages.

Due to no offers and solutions of placing ads within video games on desktop and consoles, in-game advertising currently nearly exclusively takes place on mobile and handhelds. With our plugins and marketplaces, we can finally address barely opened up markets with revenues on par or superseding the mobile market.

The budget of digital advertising has therefore reached and even surpassed the spending for TV advertising.

Outlook: Games funding through Funding Gateway

While we focus on our in-game advertising solution at the moment, we know there are more problems in the gaming industry that need to be solved. One of these is games funding, for which we have a solution in mind: Funding Gateway is a funding platform where software developers can launch their own (mini-)ICOs through it, using our expertise and market intelligence gathered by Vreo


Online marketplace connecting software developers, advertisers/brands and gamers. Gamers get a share of ad revenue through watching placed ads. With Funding Gateway, they can exchange their Vreo or even fund a project they like!


We carefully screen and evaluate every project before releasing it on the marketplace, based on provided information, potential, economic outlook and track record to name just a few


Due to statistical data gathered by our Vreo platform, reliable financial forecasts can be provided based on the parameters of the individual projects


It isn‘t easy to get a game funded, because there is next to no market intelligence available for small/independent developers and medium sized Studios. Due to great synergy with our Vreo platform this can be solved


Before a project takes off, resources are usually scarce and there are little means for funding available worldwide. Funding Gateway with the support of Vreo helps with that!

Huge market

There are millions of independent developers, small/medium sized studios or even just a single one developer within the gaming industry – a lot of which can‘t get creative or unfold their true potential due to missing funds

Token economics:

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