What is Vreo?

Vreo is a platform on which software developers can meet marketing companies to place ads in games and software. Vreo provides plugins that allow dynamic, unobtrusive and simple advertising directly embedded into the surroundings of the game. Every user interaction gets tracked, evaluated and stores within our own blockchain for exact payment and statistics.

What is Funding Gateway?

Funding Gateway is a funding platform: software developers can launch their own (mini-)ICOs through it, using our token and our expertise. Games funding can be based on reliable financial forecasts backed by Vreo data.

Vreo offers the possibility to find partners for advertising campaigns using programmatic advertising. Contained in the platform you will find not only a matching and private messaging system, but also an analysis tool for all running and finished campaigns. Due to the embedded nature, we don’t rely on pop-ups and can avoid ad blockers.
We use several state of the art security technologies to keep our marketplace safe.
All the studies and surveys have proven that well-made, meaning non-intrusive in the virtual reality integrated adverts, are perceived as from non-irritating to positive on hand of the heightened realism.
None, registering on Vreo and setting up campaigns are free. Fees are deducted from the total value of advertising campaigns.
Yes, you can find them in our GTC and on vreo.io
The payment will be done using our own token. An automated billing routine calculates gathered view data into batches, calculates the price in Token and bills it with standard currency (FIAT), making the whole payment process faster and cheaper.
At the moment, the Vreo is available for Unreal Engine and Unity3D. We are currently working on the plugin for the Lumberyard and Cry engines too. The integration in other engines like cocos, marmalade and other mobile engines is also planned in the future.
Unfortunately not that simply – if you are interested in integrating Vreo in your own engine, please contact us at engines@vreo.io.
The mobile app Vreo control is currently in development and we be released for iOS and android at a later stage.
Yes, and it can contribute to enhancing the immersion if done correctly.
Vreo can due to its plugin based analytics system work on nearly every system like consoles, pc, mac and smartphones.
Several factors play a role here, most notably setting, references, expected audience, placement of the ads and parameters of the campaign.
Vreo offers software developers a platform to display their content to find advertising partners so as to develop an advertising campaign shown on the predefined ad spaces within the software. It also enables them to monetize unused space within their software. This allows not only the possibility to increase the budget with discrete ad placement but also offers long-term financial possibilities.
Brands can find software developers through our marketplace to place ads or products within their content. Using a matching system they can find compatible partners, the Vreo algorithm offers a measurable analysis of the ad campaign which is billed with a dynamic success rate based on cost-per-view. All ad data gets stored within a blockchain, eliminating risk of manipulation of that data later on.
The costs are calculated dynamically and only per effective view. Vreo’s commission is calculated as a percentage of the campaign value.
Cost-per-View means that the costs are calculated dynamically, namely per each actual appearance in the view field of the user. The nearer the object was to the gamer and the clearer it therefore was, the higher the costs. Using the cost-per-view system, adaptable ad campaigns are possible that, if successful, could be extended. There is also a frequency cap to ensure content is delivered not too often to the same unique user.
Providing software developers with innovative means to get their projects funded.
We will carefully screen, evaluate and select all applying projects before releasing them to the public.
Based on our data gathered through Vreo, we can provide reliable financial forecasts based on the parameters of the project.
It isn‘t easy to get a game funded, because there is next to no market intelligence available for small/independent developers.
Gamers get a share of ad revenue through watching placed ads. With Funding Gateway, they can exchange their VIT or even fund a project they like!
Before a project takes off, resources are usually scarce and there are little means for funding. Funding Gateway helps with that!
There are millions of independent developers within the gaming industry – a lot of which can‘t get creative due to missing funds.
We carefully screen and evaluate every project before releasing it on the marketplace, based on provided information

Facts about the markets

The gaming market consists of around 2 billion gamers worldwide that spend over 3 billion hours per week with gaming, which is about double the time spent on watching YouTube videos.
Most gamers are between 18 to 49 years old, the average being 35.
The gaming industry achieved an annual revenue of around 100 billion dollars in 2016 while growing with up to double-digit percentages. The gaming market generates more revenue than the music or film industry – our technology allows us to increase the revenue potential even further.
The budget of digital advertising has reached and in 2016 even surpassed the spending for TV advertising. Mobile internet ad spending is the fastest changing ad market with growth rates in the higher double digits, raking in around 100 billion USD in 2016.
Native advertising is on the rise compared to interstitials and other interruptive ad formats, constantly growing at around 50% per year.
Ad fraud (an estimated 12.5 billion $ loss) and ad blocking (an estimated 25 billion $ loss until 2020) are major problems within the ad industry, countered by our solutions.