A New Way to Present, Measure and Monetize ADs in Games, Secured Through Blockchain Technology

Vreo is developing digital advertising solutions that not only address current issues of in-game advertising, but also strive to consolidate brands, developers, and gamers with mechanisms that ensure a fair distribution of advertising benefits.

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What is our proposition?

Due to many problems with the current state of advertising, we started the development of a new way to present and deliver ads as well as generate revenue: embed ads directly into the software to be part of the surroundings, not interrupt the experience. Based on our own cost-per-quality-view algorithm, a transparent, fair and secure monetization is possible to cover the increased costs of developments.

This means no increased financial strain for the customers, and a new, additional way for developers to monetize their projects: Our Vreo plugins then offer a continuous revenue stream through non-interrupting, embedded ads to shift revenues away from one-time sales and towards a steady income.

Last but not least, the produced content will increase in quality and longevity, as happily returning customers provide more income than those who bail out.


Unique decentralized ecosystem which brings all 3 participants of the market together

Marketplace approach enables easy access and demanded scalability
PlugIn integration to graphical engines eliminates boundaries of devices

Substantial reduction of Ad fraud through use of immutable Blockchain and elimination of Adblockers

For Advertiser

Expands advertisement reach paired with geo targeting

Allows access to a new and major target audience
Easy to use and fast processes ensures scalability

Provides strong analytical tools secured through tokenized impressions

For Developer

Grants easy access to advertisement campaigns and market intelligence

Enables way of advertisement which fits the game environment
Easy and fast processes, no game updates or patches required

Additional and continuous revenue stream post launch

For Player

More immersion through embedded advertisement

No interruptive elements during gameplay
Incentivized to participate and shape the future of gaming by supporting Developers

Get higher voting power based on the Scores you gathered while playing
Our example of an immersive and embedded advertisement in a software environment
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Launch partners

Thanks to our vast network of Launch Partners we have already garned a potential reach of 230Mil. Gamers and 140Mil. USD in advertisement budget, which is growing continuously. We are constantly working on further developing and establishing our solution in the Gaming and Ad Industries

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