A New Way to Present, Measure and Monetize ADs in Games, Secured Through Blockchain Technology

Vreo is developing digital advertising solutions that not only address current issues of in-game advertising, but also strive to consolidate brands, developers, and gamers with mechanisms that ensure a fair distribution of advertising benefits. Stay tuned for our Pre-Sale announcement

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What is our proposition?

Due to many problems with the current state of advertising, we started the development of a new way to present and deliver ads as well as generate revenue: embed ads directly into the software to be part of the surroundings, not interrupt the experience. Based on our own cost-per-quality-view algorithm, a transparent, fair and secure monetization is possible to cover the increased costs of developments.

This means no increased financial strain for the customers, and a new, additional way for developers to monetize their projects: Our vreo plugins then offer a continuous revenue stream through non-interrupting, embedded ads to shift revenues away from one-time sales and towards a steady income.

Last but not least, the produced content will increase in quality and longevity, as happily returning customers provide more income than those who bail out.

Our solutions are a win for everybody:


Developers gain access to not only reliable financial data, but also a deeply needed market intelligence (gathered through machine learning) with improved programmatic matching as well as funding for their new projects and ongoing revenues once their project is live


Gamers save money due to the shift from first sale to continuous revenue, further strengthening the free-to-play trend, which enables even more customers, for example from financially lower income regions, to be part of the gaming community. Through customer retention, they even get a share of the ad profits!


Brands have a new and widely accepted way of gaining more recognition in one of the hottest markets available. Our data being processed through our blockchain minimizes ad fraud and manipulated data possibilities, generating trust, while our embedding technology counters ad blockers

Our example of an immersive and embedded advertisement in a software environment.

Key features of the vreo plugins

Vreo Component

This is the core component implementing the advertisement logic. Implements the logic for every ad space. Every tick this component accumulates view data and sends it to the backend (when sufficient new data was collected). This component is also responsible to manage ad planes and audio components, requesting random ads and loading the assets from the CDN

Integrated Ad in a real software environment (BMWi software for different Expos, Conferences like CEBIT, IAA).
Modified highlighted version to clarify how embedded advertising looks like. This Ad can be exchanged and can gather views.

How the vreo tech works

vreo is based on Plugins integrated into various graphical Engines like Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, CryEngine and more. These Plugins retrieve, show and evaluate ads through communication with a web backend, where the ads are provided and statistical data gets processed through a blockchain for later evaluation by the users. The communication between the plugin and the backend uses JSON over HTTP(s)

Basically, here are three main roles:


The developers sell virtual advertising space in their games to advertisers


The advertisers buy advertising space in games and provide the media content (videos, images) for the ads


The gamers play games supplied by the developers. The vreo plugin requests ads from the backend and sends view information back

Token sale details

Token issuer Vreo Swiss AG (in formation)
Short/Ticker name MTC
Total MTC tokens 700,000,000
MTC Tokens reserved for the VIC Token Sale Bounty program 50,000,000 (with 0 years vesting period)
MTC Tokens to be sold via the Token sale 450,000,000
Type ERC20 of Ethereum blockchain
MTC Tokens to be provided to the advisors 58,000,000 (with 0 years vesting period)
Accepted cryptocurrency Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC)
MTC Tokens reserved for the vreo legal entity 57,000,000 (60% of this will have a vesting period of 2 years and remaining 40% will have no vesting period)
AML/KYC requirement to participate in the Token sale Yes
MTC Tokens reserved for the Vreo Team members 85,000,000 (with a vesting period of 1 year)
Price per MTC $0.05 (equivalent price in Ether will be updated within 24 hours before the Token sale)
Stay tuned for our Pre-Sale announcement
Pre - Sale
Price per MTC (pre Token sale) for 24,000,000 MTC tokens
$0.05 (equivalent price in Ether will be updated within 24 hours before the Token sale)
Minimum buying limit
1,000 MTC Tokens
Maximum buying limit
4,000,000 MTC Tokens for first 48 hours only
Token Sale
Price per MTC Tokens (Token sale) for 348,000,000
$0.05 (equivalent price in Ether will be updated within 24 hours before the Token sale)
Hard cap on the main Token Sale
348,000,000 (17,400,000 Bonus tokens)
Minimum buying limit
1,000 MTC Tokens in Phase 1 Token Sale and Phase 2 Token Sale. No minimum buying limit in Phase 3 Token Sale
Maximum buying limit
20,000,000 MTC Tokens in Phase 1 Token Sale and Phase 2 Token Sale. No maximum buying limit in Phase 3 Token Sale


Based on the outcome of our ICO, both investment and revenue can increase significantly due to a broader and stronger market approach in more regions. For this reason, we have differing financial forecasts bound to certain milestones. Our goals are as following:

Tier 1

Up to 4 Mio. USD

– Adapting Vreo plugins to more gaming engines to reach potential market coverage of 60% of developed games with licensed gaming engines
– Enabling loading screen and log-off screen advertising through vreo plugin
– Marketing & Business development start in Europe and US
– Implementation of programmatic buying into Vreo marketplace including redesign

– 1 senior Full Stack developer
– 2 blockchain developer
– 2 sys-admin
– 1 UI/UX developer
– 2 web developers
– 2 business development
– 1 accountant
– 1 local advisor

Tier 2

4-7 Mio. USD
Benefits in addition to Tier 1:

– Opening of a registered office in Asia and US
– Adapting Vreo plugins to more gaming engines to reach potential market coverage of 70% of developed games with licensed gaming engines
– Experimenting with exchange of 3D Assets to enable product placement
– Marketing & Business development also starts in Asia and South America
– Work on the mobile app will begin
– Attending the most important conferences and trade shows

– 2 senior developers
– 3 blockchain developer
– 2 sys-admin
– 2 UI/UX developer
– 2 web developers
– 4 business development
– 2 key account
– 1 helpdesk
– 3 local advisor (US, CHN, KOR)
– 1 HR/accounting
– 1 accounting

Tier 3

7-12 Mio. USD
Benefits in addition to Tier 2:

– Expanding to the West and East coast of the US, one more office in Asia
– Further increasing the Marketing & business development efforts to more countries based on gaming popularity, size of industry and revenue
– Adapting to all engines with relevant market share and supporting HTML5 to further strengthen cross platform availability
– Sponsoring important conferences, trade shows and workshops
– Development of our own funding solution for game developers (see Outlook)

– 3 senior developers
– 1 blockchain developer
– 1 quality assurance
– 1 sales engineer
– 6 business development
– 3 key account
– 2 helpdesk
– 5 local advisor (US, CHN, KOR, RUS, BRA)
– 1 legal advisor
– 1 UI/UX expert
– 1 HR/accounting
– 1 Marketing/PR
– 1 sysadmin
– 2 accounting

Tier 4

12 Mio. USD - Hardcap
Benefits in addition to Tier 3:

– Increasing Salesforce and business development of all offices
– Expanding offices to South America and Eastern Europe
– Immediately acquiring a payment-license (f.e. from FinMa) to provide the whole billing process on our own and enable the possibility to offer securities
– Organizing and hosting workshops and events at hotspots all around the world to strengthen community building
– Start integration of other advertising forms into our blockchain model as well (CPC, CPI)
– Additional resources to strengthen and fasten R&D

– 4 senior developers
– 2 blockchain developer
– 2 quality assurance
– 2 sales engineer
– 9 business development
– 4 key account
– 4 helpdesk
– 7 local advisor (US, CHN, KOR, RUS, BRA, IND, GB)
– 2 legal advisor
– 1 UI/UX expert
– 1 HR/accounting
– 2 Marketing/PR
– 2 sysadmin
– 3 accounting

Key features of the vreo platform

ID identification

Every game, company, user, ad and digital billboard has its own ID to evaluate performance. Through machine learning, the real time bidding system matches supply and demand based on the best predicted match.

Filtering system

Both developer and brand can choose to narrow down their possible partners for the best possible fit. Parameters can be set for country, genre, age restrictions, cost per view and many more. Although we track where the “view” is coming from, all information regarding location/IP is anonymized, not stored in any database and the user’s personal data is protected.


The vreo platform has great synergy with our other platform, gamico, as the statistical data gathered by vreo is the basis for the market intelligence provided by gamico to evaluate upcoming projects.


We measure every view of a user under various aspects like country of origin, length of the view, screen size and location, to ensure advertisers pay according to the quality of the ad impression.


Every view gets directly and automatically reported into and stored inside our blockchain to eliminate the possibility of manipulation later on and also create a fixed value of the ad impression.

fluent ad presentation

To provide the gamers with the best possible experience, ads are integrated as part of the surroundings instead of interrupting the user experience.

Outlook: Games funding through Funding Gateway

While we focus on our in-game advertising solution at the moment, we know there are more problems in the gaming industry that need to be solved. One of these is games funding, for which we have a solution in mind: Funding Gateway is a funding platform where software developers can launch their own (mini-)ICOs through it, using our expertise and market intelligence gathered by Vreo


Online marketplace connecting software developers, advertisers/brands and gamers


Pre-screened and evaluated projects


Based on statistical data provided by Vreo platform


Nearly no market data available


Scarce resources and little means of funding available worldwide

Huge market

Millions of indie developers or people wanting to create a game

Use of Blockchain

We have two quite different use cases for tokens. One can be exchanged publicly (MTC) and holds what we like to call a “Proof of merit”. The other one is used by our platforms customers (VIC) to ensure our unique and worlds first in-game advertising solution can be made as transparent as possible.

We make each view of an advertisement a unique transaction, therefore anyone issuing, placing or actually viewing an advertisement will perform transactions. This ensures the utmost open and transparent level of economic interaction imaginable, today.

What we need from a fitting blockchain: high throughput, information/transactions can be made opaque, conformity with jurisdictions, pegging the platform token to FIAT currency (creating a stablecoin).

For this, we have long researched the market to distinguish which technology fits best. Due to promising projects releasing updates in late spring/early summer and us being blockchain agnostics, we will monitor ongoing market developments and especially the process of these projects before a final decision is made: EOS and Cardano, but also new developments as DAG (IOTA) and Hashgraph.

Payment through crypto currencies can both fasten and cheapen international payment, helping to solve the problems with ad revenue payout currently existing in the industry. By letting gamers participate in the ad cycle through digital profiles that are granting self-determined control, we strive to consolidate brands, developers, and gamers with mechanisms that ensure a fair distribution of advertising benefits.


With enthusiasm, but also patience, careful planning and configuration the team of Project: Gateway is preparing to establish its highly innovative solutions into a high-tech market



Helped tech and entertainment start-ups grow since 2004, taking over leading roles in PR, marketing and community building

More about


Managing Partner

Experienced business man with strong focus on sales&acquisition and finance. Founded and managed a huge business in the energy sector

More about


Head of Design

Experienced designer and social media marketing specialist, having worked for both start-ups and well-known companies

More about


Head of Partnerships

Experienced in sales, key accounting and project management – a true all-rounder with strong connections into EE

More about

Ali Pasha Foroughi


Ali Pasha has worked for both bluechips and startups. He rallies in the fields of software architecture and modern development processes. VREO will benefit from his 18+ years of experience


Analysis and

Tino is our key member for market analysis and accounting

Katerina "Glambertina" Koicheva

Marketing and Communication expert

Marketing and Communication expert with years of experience in International companies. An enthusiastic person who is driven to succeed at whatever project she is engaged in


Senior Coder

Engine and C# specialist with strong know- ledge of plugin development

Roman Pivtoranis

3D Artist and
Game Design

Roman Pivtoranis is a 3D Artist with professional experience in VR. Roman focuses on creating tech demos and product design for cutting edge technologies

Advisory Board

To help us achieve our goals and find the most success, we rely on our versatile advisory board and partners. Together we cover a broad range of skills and knowledge for the best results possible



Lukasz is a Co-Founder and Portfolio Director at Iconiq Lab. He worked as an Investment Manager with years of experience in finance, private equity and venture capital after acquiring a BA in Economic Relations and an MS in Finance

Samater “Sam” Liban

Blockchain consultant

Sam launched his first project in 1999. Today he helps us understand all the aspects of distributed systems like the Blockchain, while his focus is on business models beyond coin speculation

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner

Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

Head of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. The expertise of Prof. Sandner in particular includes blockchain technology, crypto currencies, digital transformation and entrepreneurship


Gaming and Marketing Advisor

Volker Dressel, CEO of MediaPlier, is a real veteran of the gaming industry. He held various management positions in mobile- and online-gaming companies. With his vast knowledge of brand and performance marketing he helped many startups with their rollout



Josef is a technology-driven multilingual business developer since 12 years, with vast experience in the Distributed Ledger Technology investment space and co-founder of 3 successful startups, including Cryptoinvest.es, the biggest Spanish speaking crypto-network



Ralf Heim is a German Technology Entrepreneur and Founder of Fincite and Fincite Ventures, who create Asset Management for a connected, digital world. Before Fincite, Ralf lead the business development of a BI/big data company and built analytical systems for companies/central banks


Strategic Advisor

SICOS is the strategic advisor in structuring the Vreo token functionality and token economics. SICOS is also involved in ensuring the best practices for the Vreo token sale


Hill & Knowlton

Public Relations

Part of one of the largest media groups in the world, Hill & Knowlton specializes in PR with a vast network all around the world


Blockchain/IT experts

CROC has been working in the IT market since 1992 and is today one of the top 10 IT companies and the top three consulting businesses in Russia with strong knowledge of blockchain development


Design/Web developer

A versatile developer that handles our market places as well as our webdesign and is also able to draw on a huge business network all over Eastern Europe


SEO, PPC specialist

A specialist in analysis and strategy development for the whole web presence, especially SEO, SEA and Social Media. They specialize in customer attraction and brand awareness

Iconiq Lab

ICO experts

Iconiq Lab is an Initial Coin Offer and Token Launch accelerator program that sources, funds, develops and accelerates the best crypto, blockchain and tokenizable startups

Sergej Stein, DLTC

Blockchain experts

A strong network of blockchain experts, companies, investors, lawyers, and mentors helps our business to grow fast and sustainable. DLT Capital is the partner for startups throughout the whole process

Token economics:

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Market Overview

The gaming market has surpassed the music and film market in 2017. It consists of around 2 billion gamers worldwide that spend over 3 billion hours per week with gaming

Although the overall games market is booming, funding options for games developers remain scarce. Crowd funding took a major hit in 2016, going down at Kickstarter from 41 to 17 million dollars pledged.

The gaming industry achieved an annual revenue of around 100 billion dollars in 2017 while growing with up to double-digit percentages.

Due to no offers and solutions of placing ads within video games on desktop and consoles, in-game advertising currently nearly exclusively takes place on mobile and handhelds. With our plugins and marketplaces, we can finally address barely opened up markets with revenues on par or superseding the mobile market.

The budget of digital advertising has therefore reached and even surpassed the spending for TV advertising.

The features of Vreo

Digital Video AD format embedded directly into the software.
Available cross-platform in our marketplace for all devices to ensure best and fast matching.
Bypass AD blockers by embedding ADs into the virtual surroundings.

Programmatic Advertising

Featuring a Programmatic Advertising auction system and plugins for every major graphical engine


Online marketplace connecting software developers and advertisers/brands for ad campaigns

AD Blocker Avoidance

Vreo can bypass available ad blockers by embedding ads into the virtual surroundings

Countering AD Fraud

Through usage of the blockchain, every client has unswayable access to the ad data


Available cross-platform for all devices (mobile, PC, console)

Embedded Advertising

Unique implementation of ads: embedded directly into the software


Offering a reliable, continuous revenue stream for developers

Analytics & Evaluation

Evaluation of user behavior and optimization of ad showing



What is Vreo?

Vreo is a platform on which software developers can meet marketing companies to place ads in games and software. Vreo provides plugins that allow dynamic, unobtrusive and simple advertising directly embedded into the surroundings of the game. Every user interaction gets tracked, evaluated and stores within our own blockchain for exact payment and statistics.

What is Funding Gateway?

Funding Gateway is a funding platform: software developers can launch their own (mini-)ICOs through it, using our token and our expertise. Games funding can be based on reliable financial forecasts backed by Vreo data.

Vreo offers the possibility to find partners for advertising campaigns using programmatic advertising. Contained in the platform you will find not only a matching and private messaging system, but also an analysis tool for all running and finished campaigns. Due to the embedded nature, we don’t rely on pop-ups and can avoid ad blockers.
We use several state of the art security technologies to keep our marketplace safe.
All the studies and surveys have proven that well-made, meaning non-intrusive in the virtual reality integrated adverts, are perceived as from non-irritating to positive on hand of the heightened realism.
None, registering on Vreo and setting up campaigns are free. Fees are deducted from the total value of advertising campaigns.
Yes, you can find them in our GTC and on vreo.io
The payment will be done using our own token. An automated billing routine calculates gathered view data into batches, calculates the price in Token and bills it with standard currency (FIAT), making the whole payment process faster and cheaper.
At the moment, the Vreo is available for Unreal Engine and Unity3D. We are currently working on the plugin for the Lumberyard and Cry engines too. The integration in other engines like cocos, marmalade and other mobile engines is also planned in the future.
Unfortunately not that simply – if you are interested in integrating Vreo in your own engine, please contact us at engines@vreo.io.
The mobile app Vreo control is currently in development and we be released for iOS and android at a later stage.
Yes, and it can contribute to enhancing the immersion if done correctly.
Vreo can due to its plugin based analytics system work on nearly every system like consoles, pc, mac and smartphones.
Several factors play a role here, most notably setting, references, expected audience, placement of the ads and parameters of the campaign.
Vreo offers software developers a platform to display their content to find advertising partners so as to develop an advertising campaign shown on the predefined ad spaces within the software. It also enables them to monetize unused space within their software. This allows not only the possibility to increase the budget with discrete ad placement but also offers long-term financial possibilities.
Brands can find software developers through our marketplace to place ads or products within their content. Using a matching system they can find compatible partners, the Vreo algorithm offers a measurable analysis of the ad campaign which is billed with a dynamic success rate based on cost-per-view. All ad data gets stored within a blockchain, eliminating risk of manipulation of that data later on.
The costs are calculated dynamically and only per effective view. Vreo’s commission is calculated as a percentage of the campaign value.
Cost-per-View means that the costs are calculated dynamically, namely per each actual appearance in the view field of the user. The nearer the object was to the gamer and the clearer it therefore was, the higher the costs. Using the cost-per-view system, adaptable ad campaigns are possible that, if successful, could be extended. There is also a frequency cap to ensure content is delivered not too often to the same unique user.
Providing software developers with innovative means to get their projects funded.
We will carefully screen, evaluate and select all applying projects before releasing them to the public.
Based on our data gathered through Vreo, we can provide reliable financial forecasts based on the parameters of the project.
It isn‘t easy to get a game funded, because there is next to no market intelligence available for small/independent developers.
Gamers get a share of ad revenue through watching placed ads. With Funding Gateway, they can exchange their VRT or even fund a project they like!
Before a project takes off, resources are usually scarce and there are little means for funding. Funding Gateway helps with that!
There are millions of independent developers within the gaming industry – a lot of which can‘t get creative due to missing funds.
We carefully screen and evaluate every project before releasing it on the marketplace, based on provided information

Facts about the markets

The gaming market consists of around 2 billion gamers worldwide that spend over 3 billion hours per week with gaming, which is about double the time spent on watching YouTube videos.
Most gamers are between 18 to 49 years old, the average being 35.
The gaming industry achieved an annual revenue of around 100 billion dollars in 2016 while growing with up to double-digit percentages. The gaming market generates more revenue than the music or film industry – our technology allows us to increase the revenue potential even further.
The budget of digital advertising has reached and in 2016 even surpassed the spending for TV advertising. Mobile internet ad spending is the fastest changing ad market with growth rates in the higher double digits, raking in around 100 billion USD in 2016.
Native advertising is on the rise compared to interstitials and other interruptive ad formats, constantly growing at around 50% per year.
Ad fraud (an estimated 12.5 billion $ loss) and ad blocking (an estimated 25 billion $ loss until 2020) are major problems within the ad industry, countered by our solutions.